Mobile Visits

With Unrivalled Security’s officers patrolling you can rest assured any occurrence will be dealt with and an incident report will be completed on site, keeping all provided contacts in the loop at every stage. Giving you peace of mind knowing your premises are secure at all times.
Duty of care is paramount from a company’s prospective for their staff a number of people have endured minor injuries or have been hurt whilst working late in the office, with our team in action completing floor walks diligently this can be picked up right away and remedial action can be taken promptly.

The Key/Security access passes that are provided to us are signed out on each patrol, on return we ensure they are locked away safely with several levels of security in place to prevent loss or misuse.

We will provide you with a copy of your bespoke Assignment instructions that will be left at your premises at an assessable place for our officers, our officers are also given a copy, so they are at all times fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

We adhere to BS7944 standards requirements. Our officers are highly trained and skilled to deal with all eventualities while we are at your premises promptly.