Door Supervision

The “gatekeepers” to your venue, our SIA door supervisors pride themselves on ensuring your customers are safe and free to enjoy their experience at your event or venue.

Our officers are trained with specialist skill, as they will be the 1st point of contact with the clientele they’ll be able to determine within a minute whether a customer is going to enjoy their night in your establishment or cause a threat to others and the establishment.
Trained in interpreting body language, Unrivalled Security’s door supervisors have extensive knowledge and experience to use their skills in conflict management and customer services which will always ensure your clients that are under the influence of alcohol will leave your premise without causing trouble to other customers & leave in good spirits.
We train our officers with skills that are required in this type of environment, we pay extra attention to ensure the highest level of service is provided.

Our SIA door supervisors are hired for their ability to communicate, their even-handedness and control in aggressive and/or problematic situations including crowd marshalling and queue control, monitoring the behaviour of patrons, and restraining and escorting people out of your venue where necessary.

Our door supervisors are street-smart professionals who understand the need to be friendly and approachable – providing customer service and front of house support such as assisting with taxi bookings, guest lists, ticketing etc. where required – whilst maintaining complete control and authority.